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Pretty girls pissing everywhere. They piss in public. They urinate in the toilet. They drink pee from other girls pussies, get the golden stream sprayed all over their breasts and lick up every last drop. Pee enthusiasts, forced pee and humiliation - its all here on Yellow Streams. You'll find exclusive photos and videos of hot new amateurs, sophisticated fetishists and even some piss-shy porn stars convinced to pee on camera.

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3/17/2006 New Elektra pee set: Up on the roof trying to do some repairs she drinks too much in the hot summer sun and pisses her pants by accident then decides to show us how she pisses thru her panties.
2/10/2006 New photo set: Desperation pee with Lucy stuck on the NJ Turnpike and needing to pee badly. This is not a staged or fake scene, you can see the heavy stream of piss she was ready to piss the car.
1/14/2006 New photo set: Pee as foreplay. Lucy needs to get herself and her man hot enough for the assfucking she's promised him. It starts with her pissing perched above the toilet....
12/14/05 New model and photo set: Vicky is with her girlfriend Elektra and another girl. The name of the game is how nasty can you get. Vicky's move is to stand on the stove and piss in a pot. Elektra's counter-move is to stick her hand in the stream!
11/2/05 New photo set: Syn DeVil finds herself needing to pee in a park when the bathrooms are closed, but her private spot isn't private after all
10/10/05 New photo set and model: Nikk Napoli pisses and then douches herself with an enema bag
9/8/05 New photo set and model: Super busty and tall, Jeanette St. Moritz bares her mammoth melons as she pisses, nude,in the backyard.
8/12/05 New photo set : Busty petite Alisha Angel pisses on a balcony in midtown Manhattan in broad daylight while people are working in the nearby office building.
7/19/05 New photo set: Elektra pisses in a urinal in a nightclub men's room then exposes herself publicly on the dance floor
6/3/05 New piss model Donielle, tall pretty and leggy, pisses on her porch.
5/6/05 New photo set: Jennifer Marie, 9 months pregnant, pisses nude in her backyard
4/12/2005 New photo set: Lucy watches herself piss standing up
3/4/2005 Video added: Elektra takes Robert's piss in her mouth
2/4/2005 Lucy pees in the park in a new photo set of 84 photos
1/9/2005 Read the review at Fetish Engine and cast your vote
1/6/2005 Slave Lucy and Erika Kole Golden Shower added
12/7/2004 Syn Port-a-potty pee added
11/7/2004 Grand Opening